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About Smile4Hope

Spreading Hope One Smile at a Time, in the remote and forgotten parts of the world.

Our holistic health approach makes us focus mainly on an overall general wellbeing of our patients for an optimal chance of recovery. From creating the perfect living environment to encouraging sports and healthy nutrition, we are committed to train and empower our children and their families to be an integral part of their own journey of recovery. We believe that the environment in which we live is of paramount importance and contributes greatly to general health.

We achieve this by

  • Pro-Action

  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship

History of Smile for Hope

  • April 2012: “Smile for Hope” is born and registered as an NGO in Nepal

  • May 2013: Participation at the Ahimsa Round Table, on Global Health Initiative in Faith Based Communities

  • July 2013: “Smile for Hope” becomes an endowment fund registered in France

  • October 2013: Speaker at the Asian Social Business Summit in the Philippines

  • October 2014: Launch of the Optimal Health Program in collaboration with the Karuna Shechen Clinic

  • June 2015: Speakers at Ahimsa Forum in South Africa

  • Spring 2016: Participation at Thinkers and Doers

  • December 2019: Smile for Hope USA established as NGO in United States

Read our manifesto here.

Pro Action

During our recurring trips to Nepal while building our “Optimal Health Program”, it became apparent that we needed to focus on creating health-awareness rather than treating diseases. We therefore invest our energy in being like the “Physician Of The Future”, a term used by Thomas Edison to describe the medic who “will give no medication, but will raise the interest of his patients in care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

We started running the “Optimal Health Program” in October 2014, continuing on a regular basis in the remote villages of Nepal. Through mobile medical camps and in collaboration with a Nepalese team of doctors and nurses, we reach out to the local population who otherwise have no means to see doctors or have their health checked on a regular basis. This is why we not only integrate screening their health in the program but equally providing them with hygiene and health-trainings. The program aims at causing prevention rather than reaction.

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out our contact form.


“Smile for Hope” was created with the objective of a self-sustainable model to be replicated wherever needed. Bringing positive change goes hand in hand with empowering the local population and moving away from the “charity” concept, which keeps people in a relationship of dependence and expectations. This is why we select, involve and support local entrepreneurs in and through “Smile for Hope”. By creating a network of empowered and successful entrepreneurs, we contribute to abundance and health.

Our social entrepreneurs are selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • They give back to their community through educating, recycling, empowering

  • They positively contribute to the local economical, social environment

100% Of Donations Used To Fund Projects


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