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"Home Away From Home"

Manika and her father have moved into our “Home away from Home”. This is a care center for peadiatric cancer patients where we can help get these children through the often extremely daunting periods of chemotherapy. Here they find a clean, safe environment, support for their schooling, healthy, nutritious meals and they even get the chance to do some sports. These children find companions in each other instead of being treated as outcasts and we believe this holistic approach to be extremely beneficial to their healing chances.

Manika in the meantime is responding amazingly well to the treatment. She is playful and bouncy and where once her bone marrow was affected by 81%, the marker is now down to 0%.

Thanks to your support we have been able to help Manika considerably. But she is not yet over the hill and in her name and for all the little inhabitants of our “Home away from Home” we still ask you to join forces with us. For as long as these little people need our help we will do whatever we can to provide it. For donations please visit


100% Of Donations Used To Fund Projects


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