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Our Team


Zeina Abdo


In November 2011, Zeina made a life-changing trip to Nepal that would lead to the establishment of Smile For Hope in April of 2012. What started as an organization dedicated to benefitting pediatric cancer patients, and increasing access to healthcare in far-flung and forgotten mountainous regions, has grown into a much larger vision.



Sonam was born at the foothill of Mt. Everest. Inspired by the magnificence and majesty of Mt Everest, Sonam grew up with great ambitions not only to protect her, but also to reach out to all people in need. Despite living in a magic environment, life back then was really difficult.


Child Protection and Development Supervisor

Jayanti Rai Sherpa is an affectionate and passionate lady from Sunsari, Dharan. She was born into a medium-sized family and grew up with the dream to reach out to all people in need. She received her bachelor degree in nursing and after completing her studies, Jayanti started working in remote areas of Nepal.



Carmen loves capturing moments of life. Visual Arts have always been her interest, believing that no place is boring and no one is characterless. She was born in Lebanon and has been living in Dubai for the past 8 years.

100% Of Donations Used To Fund Projects


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