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Zeina Abdo


In November 2011, Zeina made a life-changing trip to Nepal that would lead to the establishment of Smile For Hope in April of 2012. What started as an organization dedicated to benefitting pediatric cancer patients, and increasing access to healthcare in far-flung and forgotten mountainous regions, has grown into a much larger vision.

Zeina sees a world where hope, love, and compassion are limitless, even if resources are not. She believes in a world where humanity is cherished, and where everyone has the opportunity to achieve the livelihood they see for themselves. She does not believe this will be accomplished through band-aid solutions where “charity” is given, and dependence is formed. She sees a world where empowerment is the panacea, and sustainable change is the result.

She envisions Smile For Hope setting a standard for nonprofit and for profit organizations to implement practices that lead to long-term change, to partnership and collaboration between equally passionate and globally-minded parties, and to products that are kind and fair to the Earth and all of its inhabitants.

She wants to inspire a movement and reframing of mindset that will engage and be introduced to individuals at a young age, and that will then ripple to influence older generations, in order to inspire positive changes for all.

She recognizes that there are universal struggles that connect populations all over the world, but there is a perceived disconnect due to different cultural contexts. No obstacle should be tackled alone, and many solutions to a lack of basic needs can be transcended across discrepancies in lifestyles or beliefs.

Smile For Hope will be the connector and educator of all people, and will be the catalyst in creating a unifying push towards understanding and teamwork amongst all people to better this space we each call home.


100% Of Donations Used To Fund Projects


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