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Spreading Hope one Smile at a time.

Please donate via PayPal:

or make your donation at:

Smile For Hope
69006 Lyon

IBAN FR76 1009 6185 0500 0687 2380 166


Our team of supporters from around the world is always on the lookout for people who want to get actively involved. If you are considering to join our family, please download our Volunteer Form and send us after filling all the fields in the form by e-mail to


Sustaining an operation like ours requires tremendous financial support and whilst we have created several avenues that can generate funds, one of the simplest forms remains direct financial support by people who believe in our cause. Any donation made to Smile for Hope goes directly towards the benefit of the children who desperately need your support.


With our ever-expanding and growing organization, we have identified alternative ways through which you may lend your support and these include supplying medical equipment, clothing and any other useful material, which can be shipped to Nepal and other countries where we operate. Please correspond with our team at the link below to see how you can make a contribution today.

To get involved please connect with us via our contact page.

As always, thank you for any support you can provide!

100% Of Donations Used To Fund Projects


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