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Jayanti Rai Sherpa

Child Protection and Development Supervisor

Jayanti Rai Sherpa is an affectionate and passionate lady from Sunsari, Dharan. She was born into a medium-sized family and grew up with the dream to reach out to all people in need. She received her bachelor degree in nursing and after completing her studies, Jayanti started working in remote areas of Nepal.


She served for about seventeen years as nurse, helping unprivileged people in remote areas of Nepal. Jayanti has also been involved in health camps and first aid camps organized by government agencies and other local associations and NGO’s. Helping people and community work has become more imperative to Jayanti since working as a nurse for seventeen years, which is why she has joined Smile for Hope. Jayanti wishes to make these people happy and to bring hope and smiles to their faces.

100% Of Donations Used To Fund Projects


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