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Sonam G. Sherpa


Sonam was born at the foothill of Mt. Everest.

Inspired by the magnificence and majesty of Mt Everest, Sonam grew up with great ambitions not only to protect her, but also to reach out to all people in need. Despite living in a magic environment, life back then was really difficult. Yet, he never gave up on his dreams. Although educated, he wouldn’t hesitate to be a Sherpa porter during trekking expeditions. He was always the reference person when anyone of his family or village needed help or assistance. Creative, smart and hard working, he always came up with “the” solution to people’s challenges.

At just 14 years, he was already President of the Red Cross Circle. Since then, he never stopped attending to those in need, and naturally got involved with several NGOs. Very active in his own community, he is known to be the person to turn to when in need or in trouble. This naturally led him to join “Smile for Hope” and be our highly trusted manager. His energy and commitment to the cause have been instrumental.

He is also currently managing, a trekking company that takes you to a very mysterious and yet to be discovered region of Nepal.


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